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Document Management

Are Scanned Documents Legally Accepted?

When considering your organization’s compliance, record keeping is often a top priority. In fact, many organizations hold on to documents longer than necessary (or may not even know how long they’re supposed to keep documents in the first place) meaning

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Migrate Away from the SharePoint Trap

You’ve invested hundreds, if not thousands of hours building out your SharePoint platform.  You’ve paid for consultant, third party modules, additional license, better hardware but SharePoint still doesn’t do what you want it to.  Worse yet, your departments are dependent

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Digital HR Document Management

Gartner’s recent release of the “Hype Cycle for Human Capital Management Software, 2014” highlights the growing need for HR to more effectively manage documents while ensuring regulatory compliance and security.  2014 is the first year that Gartner has included document management as a category

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