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Are Scanned Documents Legally Accepted?

When considering your organization’s compliance, record keeping is often a top priority. In fact, many organizations hold on to documents longer than necessary (or may not even know how long they’re supposed to keep documents in the first place) meaning

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Migrate Away from the SharePoint Trap

You’ve invested hundreds, if not thousands of hours building out your SharePoint platform.  You’ve paid for consultant, third party modules, additional license, better hardware but SharePoint still doesn’t do what you want it to.  Worse yet, your departments are dependent

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2015 Small Business Technology Trends

Small business is a significant contributor to our economy.Businesses with 20 workers or less account for nearly 90% of all businesses in the United States. They make up nearly 50% of our GDP and over 30% of our exported goods.

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14 Key Things You Need to Know When Implementing ECM

If you have already started looking for an enterprise content management solutions for your business you know there are dozens of options.  Businesses looking to implement an ECM solution are often using a variety of different systems to manage their

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Can your ECM do Email

A survey conducted by AIIM, an enterprise content management industry association, found nearly half of US companies have not adopted a comprehensive record retention policy, despite growing pressure from courts and regulators to store and maintain all documents, including electronic documents

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Why lenders need ECM for compliance

Lenders can benefit from an enterprise content management (ECM) solution which use OCR (Optical Character Recognition) to quickly and accurately capture and file all forms of documents – including everything from applications, credit reports, legal documents, to employment verification forms.

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Backfile Scanning Strategies

Reducing paper and increasing employee productivity is a top priority for most companies.  However, many companies adopt document management systems for day forward conversion of paper records.  Companies that do not adopt backfile conversion strategies may find that they are

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Wholesale Distribution and Automated Order Processing

According to the Aberdeen Group’s report, Business Transformation in Wholesale Distribution: Why it is a critical time to invest, “in the face of today’s customer-connected digital era, top performing wholesale distributors are investing in technology at twice the rate of

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