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Use your Microsoft Platform to its full potential.

With solutions designed to seamlessly sit atop your existing M365 investment, you can enhance the technology you already have.


Simplify SharePoint.

SharePoint is prone to content sprawl. We can help you make all your documents easily accessible, all in one place.

  • Add structure, compliance, and intelligent document viewing to your existing system. 
  • SharePoint has limitations in terms of storage, thanks to the auto-provisioning of back-end folder structures, we can mitigate these limitations 
  • Let SharePoint operate as a robust ECM without the hassle and expense of custom development. 

Challenges with SharePoint

  • Clunky viewing experience
  • Content sprawl and duplication
  • Missing metadata
  • Misfiled documents
  • Limited personalization
  • Limited Outlook integration 
  • Bespoke third-party integrations
  • Complex implementations
  • Difficult to replicate across departments
  • Costly to build and maintain
  • Minimal support for scanned documents
  • Minimal PDF format support
  • Manual annotation and redaction

Enhancements with Automation

  • Single view and instant document access
  • Organized classification structure
  • Automated metadata structure
  • Automated document filing
  • Bookmarks, predefined, and contextual views
  • Outlook App for email attachment/filing
  • Low-code or native third party interfaces
  • Out-of-the-box standardized implementation
  • Easily scalable through configuration 
  • Inclusive support and updates
  • Direct ingestion of scanned documents
  • PDF conversion and manipulation
  • Annotations and redaction for PDFs
  • Enhanced integration
  • Automated retention and disposition

Propel Power Automate.

Create advanced workflows, automate document capture, and save time with built-in actions.

  • Add over 200 features Power Automate can’t do out of the box.
  • All document workflows can easily be classified correctly without manual involvement.

Disrupt your disparate systems.

Using multiple applications to complete one process is not only inefficient, but costly.

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