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As the influence of artificial intelligence increases, the gap between businesses taking advantage of this technology and those who don’t continues to widen. But what organizations don’t realize is that AI and robotic processes can be utilized in just about every business process.

If you’re looking to save even more time with automation and improve your existing processes our intelligent data capture AI is the perfect fit – whether you are capturing AP invoices, sales orders, medical claims or any type of document with no common structure.

What can Artifical Intelligence do for your organization?

How we utilize AI

Artificial Intelligence is best utilized through our Intelligent Data Capture solution. This solution is paired alongside our smart Document Management system and takes your content management beyond simply a digital filing cabinet.

Capture any type of data with Artificial Intelligence

No matter the data, no matter the structure, Intelligent Data Capture (IDC) can enter, sort, and route it.

Intelligent Data Capture simplifies and speeds up processing of documents in demanding high-volume environments

Where to use IDC

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