Handling Paper in a Digital Age: The Impact of Document Management
"The volume of documents and unstructured data is growing by over 30% per year and organizations like healthcare, [manufacturing], banking, insurance and the public sector are struggling to reconcile the worlds of digital and physical data.Document management solutions are aimed at combating these problems." This research brief by Aberdeen Group shows that these solutions offer essential support for fast, low-cost document processing and overall data visibility...  read more here

Calculating the ROI of a Document Management System
History has shown us that technology adoption has made a positive and significant impact on organizational productivity. ROI is an essential component of technology investment, but measuring the potential benefits of technology adoption can be daunting. This guide is a starting point... read more here.

Invoice and Workflow Automation: Integrating Process Automation to Enhance Operational Performance
AP automation efforts drive savings through discount capture, penalty avoidance and lower labor cost while improving access to AP related information. This 2011 Aberdeen Group study provides insight into how best in class companies using AP automation technology perform.... read more here.

From the Shadows to the Forefront White Paper: AP Automation and Strategic Vision
The efficiency of the accounts payable and accounts receivable process can impact the corporate cash flow, an organizations ability to accurately forecast its financial positions and business liquidity. Difficulty finding or managing paper documents, inability to reconcile accounts/payments in a timely manner and inability handle exceptions in a timely manner, and inability to capture early payment discounts are hindering the bottom line. However the AP department is often overlooked when it comes to capability assessment and technology investment. This Aberdeen Group analyst insight bridges the gap between AP Automation and strategic vision. AP optimization impacts the bottom-line and allows best-in-class companies to out-perform their peers... read more here


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