Got paper problems?

Document Management can solve them.

Eliminate the pain and frustration of paper documents with a simple-to-use software that enables documents to be accessed from anywhere.

Meet DocuWare


DocuWare provides document management and workflow software to businesses across the globe.

A subsidiary of Ricoh, they automate manual tasks, reduce dependence on paper files, and deliver secure access to information and files anytime from anywhere.

Centralize your business.

Keep everything you need, all in one place.

Document Management is web-based and mobile-ready, meaning you can access what you need, when you need it. 

Free your staff to focus on more valuable tasks and never lose or misplace a file again.

Automate Accounts Payable

With pre-built AP workflows, invoices can go from recieved to approved in no time.

How can AP Automation help?

Seamlessly manage vendor invoices.

Approve Transactions Quicker

With Accounts Payable Automation, you can manage approvals faster and ensure that invoices are paid right on time. Utilize workflows to route invoices directly for approval and connect with your ERP.

Store and Capture the information you need

Eliminate unnecessary paper within your accounting processes and classify and store your important information within digital repository.

Stay Secure and Compliant

Ensure that you're prepared for an audit by storing and tracking your financial data. Recover quickly from any disaster by keeping your data securely stored in a digital database.

Simplify and streamline Human Resources

Your Human Resources team is likely already stretched thin, help support them with a secure, paperless, and simple-to-use solution.

How can HR Automation help?

Have every employee's record right at your fingertips.

Hiring & Onboarding

Manage applicants, maintain onboarding documents, and minimize busywork on your new employees first days

Employee Management

Handle time-off requests and tracking, performance reviews, certifications, and other key employee documents in one place.


Help your organization maintain compliance standards. Control access rights to keep sensitive information secure and uphold record retention schedules to comply with legal requirements.

ricoh white

Great software requires great devices

Scan directly into DocuWare with a Ricoh multi-function copier.

Ricoh provides high-quality, multifunction printers and copiers designed to meet whatever needs you may have, whether you’re printing 5,000 pages a month or 100,000.

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