14 Reasons you need to integrate your Loan origination system with an ECM System

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Loan originations systems (LOS) have come a long way in recent years but they are often missing key features only offered by robust enterprise content management systems. By integrating their LOS and other line of business applications, lenders can streamline their internal processes and increase employee productivity. Whether you are a bank, credit union or other type of lender the following are the top benefits of integrating ECM with your other business systems.

1. Access
All of your documents are stored in a central respository maintaining your chain of custody and preventing the duplication of documents. Your employees can instantly retrieve your documents from within your line of business applications.

2. Tracking
Incomplete documentation slows up the process. Document tracking and alerts automatically notify key employees when documents are missing.

3. Versioning
Users always have access to the most recent document version without losing any revision history

4. Document-Level Audits
Chain of custody is easy to show with document level audit trails that show who did what to a document and when they did it.

5. Security
Sophisticated technology allows you to secure data and or documents when the document enters the system.

6. Organization
Automically organize and route documents based on users, roles and departments

7. Annotations and Redactions
Make quick notes and redact sensitive data to prevent unauthorized access

8. Print to ECM
Print a document directly into the ECM system

9. Outlook Integration
Upload emails, and strip attachments from Outlook

10. Workflow
Build rules-based workflows for your processes

11. Document Retention
Automate your document retention policies and set disposition dates

12. Split Files
Import an entire loan while automatically separating individual loan documents for specific routing and easier retrieval

13. Related Documents
Find all related documents instantly based on indexed fields you define

14. Integration and Third Party Access
Wrap security around documents to control access by third parties and integrate with other line of business application for hot button access to documents.

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