Solutions designed for banks and financial services organizations.

Eliminate inefficiencies and errors in processes that move across systems, software, and apps.

Remove redundent, repeatable business process to remove labor and errors as well as move data between desparate line of business sytsmes that have no communication method.

What can you automate?

Just about every process has the potential to be automated, here are just a few of them:

  • Loan Processing
  • Administration and Monitoring
  • Order Management
  • Application Processing
  • Order Processing
  • Processing & Approvals
  • Transaction Monitoring
  • Automatic Payments Set-up
  • Collections & Servicing
  • Dispute & Fraud Management
  • Fees & Chargebacks
  • And more!

75% of transactional operations can be automated

Higher Operational Efficiencies

Let the robot take on repetitive, high-volume, cross-system processes where speed, capacity, and accuracy matter most—in lending services, account servicing, post-trade processing, and more.​

Better Customer Experiences

Accelerate deployment of customer self-service options , free reps to focus on customers by giving each one a robot to gather customer data during calls, and expand what chatbots can do by pairing them with robots

Reduced Risk Exposure

Let robots access public databases, watchlists, and other sources to extract and organize critical data—and use artificial intelligence and advanced analytics to match relationships and find hidden risks​.

Less Revenue Leakage

Capture more revenues with less collector effort by automating repetitive, time-consuming steps in the collection process, like notifications, follow-ups, contact lookups, call documentation, doc prep, and much more​.

Amplified Workforces

Give your investment research teams personal robotic assistants to do targeted search and extraction of data from internal and external sources​.

Accelerated Digital Transformation

UiPath robots can understand screens and emulate how people click, point, and mouse through different processes. So you can connect with legacy systems that don’t have APIs or modern interfaces.​

40% of reporting, planning, and other strategic work can be automated

Why work with PiF?

Trust us, we know automation.

We've been selling workflow automation solutions since day one.

Automation used to just be scan, file, and retrieve. It then evolved to advanced workflows powered by Artificial Intelligence. 

Now, Automation encapsulates the most advanced technology, using the combined forces of Robotic Process Automation, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning.

We’ve evolved from a basic software integrator to a national leader in integration, implementation, and support across industries and organizations of all sizes.

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60% of financial services firms have embedded AI and RPA in their operations

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