Streamlining the process of order-to-cash/procure to pay is a critical step in increasing your cash flow. Accounting & Finance departments rely heavily on multiple documents and time consuming manual processes to handle their day to day accounting processes. Every transaction requires POs, invoices, receipts of goods, remittance advice and many other customer and supplier-related communications. Manual data entry, routing and approval processes make it difficult to gain visibility into bottlenecks and problem areas preventing you from quickly collecting receivables, capturing early payment discounts and avoiding late payment penalties.

Workflow Automation

Our solutions help you shorten the cash to order lifecycle, help you get paid faster and improve your customer relationships. Regulatory compliance adds another labor-intensive layer to the processes further impacting your profits. Filing, storing, and retrieving huge volumes of paper require costly physical storage space. Electronic documents can be duplicated, deleted and stored in individual and inaccessible silos.  Never lose or misplace a file again. Spend less time managing and responding to audits.  Accounting document management and AP automation can help you reduce costs and increase productivity.

DocStar document management software quickly and securely captures, processes, and routes AP invoices, sales orders, credit documents and collection information automatically reducing repetitive and error prone manual processes. Our configurable document management and business process automation solutions provide advanced front-end imaging technology, OCR/automated data capture, EDI capabilities, automated workflow and seamless ERP integration. A secure web-based interface provides access to documents from anywhere in the world, at any time. Our solutions are affordable and rapid deployment allows you to recover your return on investment faster.

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Secrets of World Class AP Departments: AP Automation Best Practices


  • Scan, fax, email and import documents into one central document repository
  • Intelligent data capture
    • Reduce manual data entry errors
    • Capture, store, distribute sales orders
    • Capture, store and link training records, certifications and licenses
    • Capture and route time cards and expenses to your accounting system
  • Automated Workflow
    • Automate tasks for new hire packages and employee on-boarding
    • Pre-define documentation requirements, approval steps and due dates
    • Collaborative workflows include alerts, approvals, reporting and annotation
    • Distribute documents for approval
    • Identify missing documents quickly
    • Build workflows linking documents to make audit management easier
  • Instant Search and Retrieval
    • Full text OCR and document Indexing
    • Real-time search and Retrieval: retrieve any HR document instantly
    • Instant hotkey access within your MRP/ERP system
  • Security
    • Access management for security compliance
    • Version control and audit trails
    • Document authentication
    • Segregated and secured personnel folders
    • Native file support
  • Document management and retention policies
  • Quick and easy audit management
  • Disaster recovery

Integrate with your ERP Systems

We create solutions tightly integrated with the leading ERP and HRIS solutions allowing you to enter your documents and data in one step while storing them in the document management system. docSTAR can be integrated with any MS SQL/OBDC compliant systems including Microsoft Dynamics GP, Infor, Sage, Epicor, PeopleSoft, JD Edwards, QuickBooks and Netsuite.


Improve Accounting Productivity and Customer and Vendor Relations

Employees get what they need faster and HR remains in full compliance with company policies and state and federal regulations. Resolve customer or vendor disputes quickly, avoid late payment penalties, capture early payment discounts, comply with audits more easily and never lose or misplace a file again.

  • Enter documents into collaborative processing workflows that include alerts, approvals, reporting and multiple one-click rubber stamps
  • Intelligent data capture uses 2 and 3-way matching to link purchase orders, packing slips and any other documents you define to your customers and vendors in your ERP system
  • Easy one-click access to supporting documentation based on the document currently being viewed with a new related document display
  • Access all your documents instantly while in your main line of business application through a simple hotkey
  • Pre-define, automate and enforce your document driven processes and include automated due date creation, automated alerts via docSTAR and email, require certain documents and approvals, and provide business insight into your document workflows in real-time

Lower Costs

Our solutions ease the administrative burden of regulatory compliance and lower costs

  • Reduce physical storage costs
  • Reduce labor costs associated with physical storage and regulatory compliance
  • Reduce the risk of late payment fees
  • Capture early payment discounts
  • Automate alerts and record destruction
  • Assign employees to higher level tasks to improve productivity
  • Automate your order fulfillment process and improve your quote to cash cycle

Improve Vendor and Customer Relations

Improve your vendor and customer relations with instant access to any document in real-time. Respond to inquiries, email copies and track approvals. Improve your relationships with quicker order processing, payment cycles and faster dispute resolution.

  • Never lose another document
  • Instantly find any document right from your desktop
  • E-mail documents to vendors while still on the phone
  • Eliminate costs associated with paper processing and storage
  • Increase on time payments
  • Capture early payment discounts

Reduce Accounting and Finance Department Costs

  • Eliminate physical storage costs
  • Reduce labor costs associated with physical storage, filing and regulatory compliance
  • Assign employees to higher value activities

Security, Accountability and Regulatory Compliance

Maintain necessary compliance:  Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX), Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP), ISO-9001, MA 201 CMR 17.00, SEC 17 CFR, Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)

  • Monitor document access and retrieval with audit trail
  • Records Management feature enforce document retention and destruction processes
  • Secure off-site document storage can be used to store documents for immediate disaster recovery
  • Legal authenticated documents with time and date stamps and digital fingerprints


united solutions

“We were looking for the biggest bang for the buck. What can we address with this new tool that will show people in the organization the benefits of docSTAR and give us a concrete return on the investment? That clearly turned out to be order processing.”

-Geary Lashua, IT Administrator, United Solutions